Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cake Boss ( Large Van Cake )

Cake Boss is a reality television show, airing on TLC, set at Carlo's Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey. The show stars Buddy Valastro, the shop's owner, and his family, specifically his mother, four older sisters and three brothers-in-law.Free Standard Shipping on Orders $75 or More
Season one of the show premiered on April 19, 2009, and season two premiered on October 26, 2009.
The members of the cast appear as themselves.
  • Bartolo "Buddy" Valastro The only son of Buddy Sr. and Mary.
  • Mary Valastro Bought the bakery with her husband in 1964.
  • Lisa Valastro Buddy's wife.
  • Grace Faugno The eldest child of Buddy Sr. and Mary.
  • Joe Faugno Grace's husband.
  • Maddalena "Madeline" Castano The second eldest daughter of Buddy Sr. and Mary.
  • Mauro Castano Madeline's husband and Buddy's right hand man.
  • Mary Sciarrone The middle child of Buddy Sr. and Mary.
  • Lisa Gonzalez The youngest daughter of Buddy Sr. and Mary. In "Aquarium Adventures and an Announcement", it is announced that she is pregnant.
  • Remy Gonzalez Lisa's husband.
  • Frank Amato, Jr. Buddy's first cousin and the godfather of his son, Marco.
  • Danny Dragone An employee and close family friend.
  • Sal Picinich Started working at the bakery in 1964 and is one of Buddy's most trusted employees.
  • Stephanie "Sunshine" Fernandez Buddy's first intern and she was also the first woman to work upstairs.
  • Christine Campanelli The second woman to work upstairs.
  • Violet Valentin Buddy's third intern.
  • Daniella Storzillo An employee and close family friend.
  • Toni Walton An employee.
  • Kevin "Stretch" Krand The delivery boy, known for dropping/creating mass destruction to the cakes Buddy entrusts him with to deliver.
  • Cousin Anthony The delivery boy, episodes 8 - present
  • Tony Albanese Buddy's second intern, Season 1

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